Clothing Shopping Made Easier

I talk to so many women who truly hate shopping for clothes. But even if you like it, it can be challenging. Here are a few ways to make it a little easier:

Avoid Crowds. Go when the stores are less crowded, like when they first open or on weeknights. Obviously, this is not always possible, but it’s less stressful to have more space to look at the racks, more available salespeople, and no waiting for the fitting rooms. An added bonus to shopping early in the day-you’ll be more fresh and ready to put more effort into the process.

Wear Comfy Clothes. Wear clothes and shoes that are easy to take on and off, with a camisole that can be left on. Slip-on shoes are much easier than something with shoelaces or worse, boots. High heels are usually not the best choice, either.

Try Two Sizes. Take two or more sizes of everything into the fitting room. These days, clothing sizing is incredibly inconsistent, even within the same stores and brands, so don’t assume you know your size in a particular garment. Don’t worry about the fact that a size might be larger than you’d like. The important thing is that it fits, not the number on the tag.

Keep Options in Mind. Find fit first, then color. If you love the style and fit, ask about having the color you like shipped to you or sent from another store, if not in stock. This can also work in the reverse, so if you find the color you like, but it’s not in stock in your size, try to get it from another store or have it shipped.

Go it Alone. It’s usually best to shop alone, which will help you perceive the trip as a job that needs to be done, rather than a fun outing with a friend. There are times for browsing with friends or relatives and getting ideas, but if you want to have success, and you’re serious about buying clothing items that you really need, go by yourself and take advantage of the sales help.

Savvy clothing shopping helps keep your look current and in turn, feel more confident and successful. If you can’t face the task, hire a personal shopper who will give you all of her attention and work with you to find clothing pieces that are right for you, help you try them on, and help you make decisions. Don’t give up, you can shop with style.

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